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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2011
Cost-Based Query Optimization with Heuristics
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Saurabh Kumar,Gaurav Khandelwal,Arjun Varshney,Mukul Arora
Heuristic,query,optimization,usage factor,storage file,magic tree,cost,weighted
In today's computational world,cost of computation is the most significant factor for any database management system.Searching a query from a database incurs various computational costs like processor time and communication time.Then, there are costs because of operations like projection, selection, join etc.DBMS strives to process the query in the most efficient way (in terms of 'Time') to produce the answer.In this paper we proposed a novel method for query optimization using heuristic based approach. In the proposed algorithm,a query is searched using the storage file which shows an improvement with respect to the earlier query optimization techniques. Also, the improvement increases once the query goes more complicated and for nesting query.
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