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Comparison of women's self -esteem, self- concept and locus of control between the sexual and none-sexual delinquent women in Prisons of Guilan province
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Dr. Shohreh Ghorbanshiroudi, Dr. Javad Khalatbari, Leila Jamshidi, Fatemeh Ezattalab Moghaddam, Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh
Self esteem- Self- Concept, locus of control, The sexual and asexual guilty women.
A review in the multiplicity of crimes in our country shows that the criminal behavior is one of the big present problems in societies and crime is as a permanent event in societies. So the purpose of this research is to compare women's self- esteem, self- concept and locus of control between the sexual and nonsexual delinquent women in prison of Guilan province.The present research is a non- probationer research of causal- comparative kind. The sample of research consisted of 40 sexual delinquent female and 40 non-sexual delinquent female selected by random sampling method from Prisons of Guilan Province. The instruments of research were Cooper smith Self-Esteem inventory. To analyze the statistical data, was used of t-test to comparison of two groups and X2test for the nominal data.The research results showed that the most frequency of sexual guilty women are among 15- 25 ages. The most frequency is among 25-34 ages. 63.75 % of the guilty women have been married. Most of them have studied elementary and guidance school and academic education had the least frequency with 8 people. 46.3 % of the total tastes of the research have had high self- esteem and 53.8 % of them have had low self- esteem, 23.8 % of the total guilty women have had positive self- concept and 76.3 % of them have had weak and negative self- concept, 46.3 % of the women have had internal locus of control and 53.7% of the women have had external locus of control.The rate of the sexual delinquent women's self-esteem and of the nonsexual ones is different. The type of the sexual delinquent women's self-concept and of the nonsexual ones is not different. The type of locus of controlling asexual delinquent and nonsexual ones is not different.
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