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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2011
A New Scientific Approach of Intelligent Artificial Neural Network Engineering for Predicting Shelf Life of Milky White Dessert Jeweled with Pistachio
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Sumit Goyal and Gyanendra Kumar Goyal
ANN, Dessert, Generalized Regression, Intelligent Computing, Linear Layer (Train), Neurocomputing, Shelf Life
This paper highlights the capability of artificial neural networks for predicting shelf life of milky white dessert jeweled with pista-chio. Linear layer (train) and generalized regression models were developed and compared with each other. Neurons in each hidden layers varied from 1 to 30. Data samples were divided into two sets, i.e., 80% of data samples were used for training and 20% for validating the network. Mean Square Error, Root Mean Square Error, Coefficient of determination and Nash - Sutcliffo Coefficient were applied in order to compare the prediction performance of the developed models. The experimental shelf life is 21 days and the developed intelligent artificial neural network model predicted 20.15 days shelf life for milky white dessert jeweled with pistachio
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