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Modeling Anisotropy and Steady State Creep in a Rotating Disc of Al-SiCp having Varying Thickness
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Vandana and S.B. Singh
Modeling, Composites, Rotating Disc, Steady Strain Creep Rate
The analysis of steady state creep in a rotating disc made of Al-SiCp composite having variable thickness has been carried using Sherby's constitutive model. The creep parameters have been evaluated using the available experimental results in the literature using regression analysis. Three variations in the thickness (constant, linearly and hyperbolic varying thickness) of the disc have been considered while keeping other material parameters same. The change in the radial stress in all the three cases is not significant while the tangential stress is changed with the change in the values of anisotropic constants. The tangential strain rates are highest at the inner radius of the disc and then decreases towards the outer radius of the discs. The radial strain rate which is compressive in nature becomes tensile in middle of the disc for some specific values of anisotropic constants. The study reveals that the anisotropy and thickness profile has a significant effect on the creep behavior of rotating disc. Thus for the safe design of the rotating disc the effect of anisotropy and profile should be taken care of
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