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Green chemistry: Biodiesel made with Vegetable oil
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Rajpreet kaur Ishar
biodiesel, vegetable oil, Transesterification ,Fuel features
Biodiesel is a revolutionary step in the world of fuel. The pollutionary effects ofbiodiesel is much less than mineral fuels and even cost less. because the fuel features(power ,combustibility/safety, storage, production/refining, fuel availability/economy, lubricity,enviromental impact, usage) of it. Although biodiesel is greatly promising, its use has beenintroduced gradually all over the world. In fact, most countries are establishing rules to itsintroduction based on mixture contents with mineral diesel in form of (B100, B20, and B10).The increased demand and high price for energy sources are drivingefforts to convert organic compounds into useful hydrocarbon fuel. It canbe obtained by Transesterification with alcohol i.e methanol majorly ofvegetable oil and animal fat feedstock. Biodiesel can also be used as a heating fuelin domestic and commercial boilers, a mix of heating oil and biofuel which is standardizedand taxed slightly differently than diesel fuel used for transportation. It is sometimes knownas "bioheat" (which is a registered trademark of the National Biodiesel Board [NBB] and theNational Oilheat Research Alliance [NORA] in the U.S., and Columbia Fuels in Canada).
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