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Harmonic Analysis Of 6-pulse Converter In Dtc Induction Drives Using UPQC
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Direct Torque Control, Unified Power Quality Conditioner, Harmonics, High-Power Drives, Multi-pulse Converters, Power Quality.
In this paper the control technique that used is direct torque control technique. This one is suitable and favourable among the available controls because it is less sensitive to the motor parameters, minimal torque response time, absence of controllers such as PID for motor flux and torque. Along with DTC it is necessary to have an inverter in order to control the torque and speed by means of varying the inverter states. A six Pulse AC-DC Converter provides dc supply to the inverter. Here it involves harmonics in supply currents due to this six pulse rectifier. In this paper a simulink model of DTC with an induction motor has been designed and implemented for six pulse converters. It involves harmonics in supply currents due to this six pulse rectifier. To minimize the harmonics on six pulse converter in DTC Induction motor drive using three phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) is used. The Dynamic model of the UPQC is developed in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment and the simulation results demonstrating the power quality improvement in the system are presented through FFT analysis
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