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A Flash Package for Coordinating Practical Examinations
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B S Manusudhan
VTU case study, Unique ID, On-Line student Update, Faculty Allocation, Sub-Regions, Unallocated Batches, Subject Expert
The developed package is end-user software that handles multiple inputs. The respective colleges send number of students appearing for the particular laboratory exams, along with respective subject codes. This forms the Student database. They also send faculty available for the particular subject together with number of years of experience which constitutes the Faculty database. The total data received is to be maintained as a database. The case study here is with respect to one particular branch. The same can be extended for all other branches of any university which conducts practical examinations. Two faculties are to be allocated per batch of the practical exam of a subject, generally one internal from same college and other as external from other college (sometimes both externals). This is done considering their years of experience in that particular subject. The database related to different colleges are to be correlated and a final individual duty allotment list is created. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is created to get the inputs from the user. The main objective is to maintain and relate database from different colleges and perform faster allocation
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