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A Real Time Hi-Speed Tracker for Chain Snatcher
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B S Manusudhan and S Sowmyasudhan
MEMS Sensor, Speech Processor, ARM controller, Emergency Protocol, Public and Police end user, Wireless Communication, Track Down
The word that is rampant in newspaper, television channel and in all our lives is "Chain snatching". This is one of the crimes which are increasing as the river flows downstream. Back -to- Back chain snatching in the city put the cops on their toes. Even as chain snatchers go about their job with the spirit catch-me-if-you-can, police are working over-time to dent that spirit, but to no avail. Observing that the robberies have increased over the years, there is also a raise in chain snatching incidents. Thus chain snatching has become an urban phenomenon. Even though many cases have being lodged in the police station, but a very few cases have been solved, and many of the cases are still under investigation. In day-today newspaper by default front page reads "again a chain snatcher strikes the city", a serious threat that scares the public to walk in and around city is "Chain snatching", and has become a challenge for the Police Department in capturing the culprits. We being an engineers, there is no other Nobel way to thank our society, than giving helping hands to the society. So we came with an innovative idea of implementing a smart electronic gadget, so called, "ARM IMPLEMENTATION FOR REAL-TIME HI-SPEED TRACKER FOR CHAIN SNATCHER". This innovation also pulls down the anti-social activities in public places.
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