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A Wavelet based multiresolution analysis for real time condition monitoring of AC machine using vibration analysis
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Subhra Debdas, M.F.Qureshi, A.Reddy, D.Chandrakar, D.Pansari
Fault diagnosis, wavelet transform, multi resolution analysis, pattern recognition, wavelet density estimation.
Wavelet is a powerful tool used for non stationary signal analysis. It does not change the time information content present in the signal hence it provides a time-frequency representation of the signal. Using the wavelet technique, transients can be decomposed into series of wavelet components, in which each is a time-domain signal that covers a specific frequency band. Disturbances of small intervals are amplified frequency band. In this paper a multi-resolution based pattern recognition technique is used for vibration analysis of angle grinder machine by which different frequencies are analyzed with different resolutions. This method is more reliable as compared to other FFT based techniquesrelative to the rest of the signal when projected to similar size wavelet bases and, thus, they can be easily detected in the corresponding
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