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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2011 Edition
Performance Comparison of Semifragile Watermarking Methods for Image Au-thentication
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Mrs. Swati V. Sankpal, Dr. Vishram Bapat
Semifragile Watermarking Methods
Environmental sensor networks have been a topic of significant research in recent years. Sensor network enables researchers to do continuous long term, autonomous sensing of many different aspects of environmental systems. They must be so energy efficient that they can remain in same situation with little human interaction and be maintenance-free for years together. Habitat monitoring, with its focus on dynamic interactions within and between a variety of scales is an ideal application of sensor network. Many protocols have been proposed for WSNs and have focused on extending the lifetime of sensor networks, WSNs powered by ambient energy harvesting are more useful and economical in the long-term because ambient energy may be harvested from the environment at all times. To improve the life time of WSN this work evaluate the performance of new proposed scheme-Solar Energy Harvesting Energy Efficient MAC (SEHEE-MAC). The SEHEE-MAC protocol controls the activities of Radio by using slotted preamble technique and obtains significant energy savings by allowing nodes to sleep for extended periods of time. The results are compared with ZigBee and Preamble protocols for solar harvesting sensor networks.
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