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Availability Analysis of A System Having Two Units In Series Configuration With Controllar And Human Failure Under Different Repair Policies
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V.V.Singh, Dilip KumarRawal
Controller, Gumbel-Hogaard family copula, human failure, MTTF, k-out of n policy, supplementary variable, profit function
This paper deals with the availability analysis of a complex system that consists of two subsystems namely subsystem 1 and subsystem 2.Subsystem 1 is working under k-out of -n good policy and subsystem 2 has two identical units in parallel configuration. Controller for proper functioning controls the subsystems 1. All failure rates are constant and follow exponential distribution but repairs follow general and Gumbel-Houggard family copula distribution. The system is analyze by supplementary technique by evaluating varies measures of reliability such as state transition probability, MTTF, etc. Some computations are taken as special cases by evaluating availability of system and profit analysis.
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