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Polling System Using GSM Facility
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Hemlata Sahu, Anupam Choudhray
Global System For mobile Communication, Authentication, Mobility, Electronic voting systems, mobile networking.
Voting is the foundation of a democratic system of government, whether the system uses direct or representative governance. In democratic societies, voting is an important tool to collect and reflect people's opinions.In the existing voting method to select a candidate in the election such as presidential election, the assembly election, or local election, electorates go to the designated polling places and have to be identified to cast their votes, and finally voters cast their ballot. Voters should registered on a poll book, this procedure takes the long amount of time consumed on voting and counting of votes. In this paper, an electronic voting scheme using GSM mobile technology is presented. By integrating an electronic voting scheme with the GSM infrastructure, we are able to exploit existing GSM authentication mechanisms and provide enhanced voter authentication and mobility while maintaining voter privacy.
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