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Women's Education and Social Transformation' with Th Special Reference to the Role of Christian Missionaries in Kerala
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Beena Dominic , Dr.C.Amritha Jothi
Christian missionaries, Globalization, Social Transfomation, Women’s education.
Social Transformation is the process of change or the formation of value system in the fullest sence. Globilization has presented new challenges in the realization of the goal of transforming women and now women transformation has become the sloganand motto of many social reformers, governmental agencies and voluntary organization. There is a long cherished wish among all the women to have better avenues in life in order to lead the life in a more fruitful way. The paper deeply goes through the historical trends on women's education in Kerala and analyzes how we can transform women to applying education. The study tries to explore the theoretical approach of women's education and social transformation and assess the role of missionaries in women's education. The prime aim of this review is to provide a historical framework of women's education and social transformation and to generate new approach about education on the histoirical point of view. The analytical and theoretical techniques are used for preparing this work. The review throws light in analyzing the concept 'Social Transformation'through education by incorporating all divergent views with suffient logical reasoning. It also explains the problems faced and the possibilities ahead on achieving women's transformation.
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