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Women's Education a Tool of Social Transformation'-A Historical Study Based on Kerala Society
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Beena Dominic
Socail Transformation, smartha, Women empowerment, women’s education, sati, devadasi.
All the historical studies regarding to societies inevitably have been determined, or at least motivated by historical process. The core issue of this paper is srutinizing the particular historical trends under which the concept of 'Social Transformation' has grown among women in Kerala. The theoretical and analytical approaches help us to prove its facts authentically. Here the researcher tries to go through the study of women in Kerala before 19th cetuary and analyse their actual conditions of that age and generated hoe education stood as the tool of social transformation among women society. Then assess how they achieved their esteemed status in the society on the historical point of view. This paper can be considered a theoretical framework focussing on social transformation as defined through the examination of its principal ideologies and the study of the concept's reproduction through institutional organizations
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