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Indexing Relational Databases for Efficient Keyword Search
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Phyo Thu Thu Khine, Htwe Pa Pa Win, Khin Nwe Ni Tun
search, relational database, information retrieval, indexing, searching, ranking.
Keyword search is a widely accepted mechanism for querying in Information Retrieval (IR) systems and Internet search engines on the Web. They offer convenient keyword-based search interfaces. But searching in relational database systems the user needs to learn SQL and to know the schema of the underlying data even to pose simple searches. A system that can eliminate these requirements is needed. Therefore we proposed an efficient keyword-based search system for relational databases. The proposed system provides online search and offline indexing method to do efficient keyword based search. Firstly, a relational database is indexed in advance using the proposed indexing algorithm. At searching time, the index supports keyword-based searches with interactive response. The index size is manageable and database updates do not significantly hinder query performance. As long as the database table records can be extended, this system can be easily extendable for further searching records from tables. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm provides less storage space and short offline indexing time and also reduces query processing time significantly compared to previous approaches.
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