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Novel Defect Segmentation Technique in Random Textured Tiles
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Aborisade, D.O and Ojo, J. A
Detection of defect, Gabor filters, Self-Organizing Map, Canny operator.
In this paper problem of detecting different type of defects on random textured tiles surfaces is addressed. Since Gabor filters allows optimal localization both in the spatial domain and in the spatial-frequency domain it is been utilized in the proposed technique to extract texture features which are useful for detecting defect edges on the tile. Kohonen's Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) is used for reducing the feature vectors to obtain 1-dimensional feature map (scalar image). The output of the SOM is smoothed with Gaussian filtering mask and Canny's edge edge-detection method is applied to the smoothed feature map image to obtain the edge map of the detected defect from the tile surface. The results obtained when the proposed technique is tested on various random texture tiles confirm its efficiency.
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