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AHDR Technique for OBS Networks
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Wael Hosny Fouad Aly, Martin Levesque, Halima ElBiaze
Optical Bust Switching Networks, OBS deflection techniques, OBS retransmission techniques, performance metrics, combined deflection and retransmission techniques, simulation tools
One of the major problems in Optical Burst Switching (OBS) networks is burst contention. Deflection routing is used to resolve the contention problem. Burst Loss ratio (BLR) is the ratio of the lost bursts to the total sent bursts from the transmitter to the receiver. Burst retransmission is used to reduce the BLR by retransmitting dropped bursts. Previous research papers show that combining deflection and retransmission outperforms both pure deflection and pure retransmission approaches. This paper proposes a novel approach called Adaptive Hybrid Deflection and Retransmission (AHDR) approach that combines deflection and retransmission techniques dynamically based on network conditions. Network conditions taken into account in this research paper are BLR and link utilization. Network Simulator-2 (ns-2) tool is used to simulate the proposed approach on different network topologies. Simulation results show that the proposed approach outperforms static approaches in terms of BLR and goodput.
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