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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2011
Performance Evaluation of Vacuum System: Pump-down Time
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Vishal D. Chaudhari, Avinash D. Desai
Vacuum, vacuum pump, pump-down time, performance, conductance, pumping speed
Vacuum system finds applications in number of industries like process industry, pharmaceutical industry, petroleum industry, material handling industry, etc. In most of its applications it is used as vital part of the system. A suboptimal performance in vacuum system may result in inferior overall system performance. The performance of vacuum system is practically gauged in terms of time required to achieve the requisite low pressure. This time is referred as pump-down time. Among the number of factors affecting pump-down time important are pressure to be achieved and configuration of the system (length and diameter of tubing used to connect vacuum tank and pump). In this paper theoretical procedure for calculating pump-down time is explained for the given pressure and configuration of the system. These theoretical calculations are compared with the actual observations taken from the system. Graph of evacuation pressure vs time is drawn for theoretical and actual observations and it is analyzed
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