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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2011
GSM based Multi node Pressure Sensor in Barometric Altimeter - A Survey
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K. Immanuvel Arokia James, K. Sudheer
GSM, MEMS, Barometeric altimeter
Our proposed project was mainly based on GSM networks and controller. Barometer is a well-organized tool for determining atmospheric pressure. The altimeter is a tool which calculates the vertical distance in accordance with a reference level. The barometric altimeter, computes the altitude according to the atmospheric pressure. Accuracy and size are the major issues in altimetry. MEMS based Barometric Altimeter is implemented using the following two terminals of embedded barometer Module. Even though the size of the MEMS based Barometric Altimeter is reduced, it provides more accuracy. The measured parameters are transmitted through commands using GSM modem from the controller to the mobile network. In the other end the GSM data is received and the readings are compared and the corresponding adjustments are made by the controller by vertical wheel adjustments. This process will be continued to achieve the equal level. This methodology can be used to measure the altitude at different places by means of separate arrangement.
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