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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2011
GSM Based Smart Data Logger System
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K. Immanuvel Arokia James, M. Jagabar Sathik, M. Praveen
PIC Microcontroller (16F877A), GSM Module, Finger Print Module, External memory card slot
The aim of this paper is the faculty should maintain the punctuality to enter the class rooms. In any organization, the staff monitoring can be done by a manually or with help of finger print. It requires like Personal computer, more man power, man power cost and time delay. In this paper discussed about automatic monitoring system. The device will send the pre-message to the faculty about class time, if the fail to present on class staring time or if they leave the class room the before class end time it will send the message to the higher authorities of the institutions and we can maintain the database with help of external memory card slot. We have designed only for Educational Institutions.
1. PIC Technologies, PIC Controller Operation guide – David Benson.

2. Programming and customizing the PIC microcontroller – Micheal predco.

3. Design with PIC microcontroller – John B.Peatman.

4. Breaking into Embedded – Jack G.Gansle.

5. Programming Embedded Systems – Micheal Bar.

6. A Survey of Technologies Philip D. Wasserman.

7. USB Mass Storage Designing and Programming Devices and Embedded Hosts-Jan Axelson

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