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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2011
Modeling of spatially based street gazetteer in cor-relation with e-government and civil registration
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Perparim Ameti
Street gazetteer, e-government, street names, property numbers, census, civil registration, real estate
Information about land is widely used by stakeholders for different purposes both in public and private sector as well as by the citizens. The users need data about location of certain land areas or real property, and the attribute data related to that specific area or real property such as address information. This information enables many government and public institutions to mange with their daily activities and customers requests. Each organization will have different business drivers and data requirements but one area where there is likely to be commonality is the spatial element associated for example with addresses but also other data elements. Development of a national street gazetteer will provide the benefits to relevant institutions and to the citizens, which will accrue in areas such as healthcare, education, security, census etc. A fully functioning street gazetteer system will be the effective mechanism through which residents of Kosovo become eligible for social services, travel documents and much more. It is the mechanism through which Citizens become eligible to vote and to seek public office and the mechanism for defining disabilities and minorities.
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