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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2011
Web-based Land Records System - The case of Ghana
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N.D. Tagoe, S. Mantey
Ghana, Google Earth, Land Records, Land Registration, MapObject, Visual Basic, Web-based GIS
In Ghana, there is general indiscipline and lack of transparency in the land market. This is characterized by multiple sales of residential parcels, land encroachments and haphazard development. Land records form the bases of all land reforms and therefore regular online update of land records is essential.The objective of the web-based land records system therefore was to provide a quick, secure and transparent access to land records and land registration via the Internet and other communication devices. This will de-centralize the land registration process and thus reduce the workload on the land registration offices.This will also encourage land registration or legal parcel documentation due to the flexibility and simplicity of the system. The methods employed involve (1) providing GIS data access through MapObject and ODBC Driver, (2) integrating Google Earth (GE) with GIS application using COM API: (3) importing GIS data into Google Earth: (4) linking GIS data with KML: (5) accessing external tabular data through 'relate' and (6) querying and visualizing land records online using Google Maps.The outcome of this study is a user-friendly web-based land records from which authorized users and subscribers can visualize and access a secured land records in the country. The new system will bring transparency and improve the way land records are maintained and administered in the country. The system will not only simplify the process of land registration and land records keeping, but will also provide many collateral benefits
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