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Real-Time Sky Color with Effect of Sun's Position
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Hoshang Kolivand, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar
Sky color, Sun’s position, Real-time, Outdoor rendering
In the rendering of outdoor scenes in virtual environments, the sun's position, sky color, clouds, shadow, trees, grass etc play very important roles in making it realistic. In this paper Sky color and the sun's position are combined. Specific longitude, latitude, date and time are required parameters to calculate the exact position of the sun. The sun's position is calculated based on Julian dating; the sky's color is created by Perez modeling. A functional application is designed to show the position of the sun and then sky color in arbitrary location, date and time. It can be possible to use this application in commercial games for outdoor rendering and for teachers to teach some part of physics about earth orbit and effect of the sun on the sky and it can be used in building design.
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