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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2011
A New Method to Secondary Caries Detection in Restored Teeth
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A.Sadeghi Qaramaleki, H.Hassanpour
Secondary caries, Dental radiography, Radiolucent area, Preprocessing, Gamma correction, Cumulative frequency diagram, Mach band
Dental caries appear in both primary and secondary caries. Secondary caries are created below the restored teeth and is not visible by naked eye. Therefore to diagnose this type of caries, the dental radiography images are used. In dental radiography images, the secondary caries of restored teeth are appeared as radiolucent areas. In this study a new method to secondary caries diagnoses in restored teeth is proposed. In this paper after image quality enhancement by Gamma correction, by threshold selection on cumulative frequency diagram, the teeth with secondary caries are diagnosed. Due to technical limitations in radiographic instruments the nonlinear changes on pixels is caried and this changes are revised with Gamma correction process. This method carried on 100 dental radiography images and the results demonstrate that the maximum accuracy rate for secondary caries diagnosis is 82% and minimum error rate is 18%.
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