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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2011
A Stochastic Simulation of Optimized Access Strategies for a Distributed Database Design
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Rajinder Singh, Gurvinder Singh, Varinder Pannu virk
Stochastic Simulation, Genetic Algorithms, Distributed Database, Access Strategies, Query Optimization, Fragments, sub-query operation, Computer Network, Random Number Generation, Query Tree
This paper highlights a design of a probabilistic solution to the operation allocation problem of Distributed Databases. Most of the present day commercial vendors of Distributed DBMS use deterministic procedures along with certain heuristics on exhaustive enumeration procedures like Dynamic Programming, Greedy Techniques, Randomized strategies etc. These procedures have a lot of scope for improvements when problem domain is increased from the point of view of 'number of sites' or 'number of joins' involved in a distributed query. Recently great interest has been shown by researchers to apply Genetic Algorithms to achieve this. This paper highlights design and implementation of one such model, Genetic Algorithm for Subquery Allocation (GA_SA), which is a modest effort to stochastically simulate optimization of retrieval transactions for a distributed query.
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