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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2011
"TADS" Approach In Supply Chain Agility
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Dr.G.Karuppusami, M. Balaji, R. Sudhakaran, A. Chobiya Ashwini
TADS, Supply chain agility, supply chain enablers.
In the continuously changing and demanding market environment, the product capabilities alone are insufficient to retain the market hold. Rather, the supply chain must also keep changing accordingly. This may in turn help the firm sustain the market with the old products. It is certain that when the innovation in the product is quite infeasible or not cost effective, the firms should concentrate on their supply chain and its enablers and try to make existing chains flexible. To quantify the efficiency of the chain, a model called "TADS" is proposed. This paper discusses the functions of TADS, the prior works carried on it and enumerates the desirable effects of adapting TADS in the firms to make their supply chains more responsive in order to survive in the contemporary market scenario.
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