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scirp IJSER >> Volume 1, Issue 2, November-2010
FPGA-Based Design of Controller for Sound Fetching from Codec Using Altera DE2 Board
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A.R.M. Khan, A.P.Thakare, S.M.Gulhane
I2C bus controller, Quartus II, ModelSim, Codec, Virtual Sound fetcher
The trend in hardware design is towards implementing a complete system, intended for various applications, on a single chip. In order to implement the any speech application in Altera DE2 board a controller is designed to control the CODEC and acquire the digital data from it. This paper presents an experimental design and implementation of the controller using the specification given by the Philips for I2C protocol & DSP mode of operation of CODEC on cyclone-II EP2C35F72C6 FPGA in Altera DE2 board . A controller was designed using VHDL language, which performs the two operations: I2C protocol operation to drive the Wolfson Codec WM8731, sound fetching from Wolfson Codec WM8731 to FPGA in DSP mode. Altera Quartus II 9.0 sp2 web Edition is used for the synthesis of the VHDL logic on FPGA and ModelSim- Altera 6.5b (Quartus II 9.1) Starter Edition is used for the simulation of VHDL logic.
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