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Behavior of Eight Bus System with TC-IPC
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V.V.Satyanarayana Rao.R, S.Rama Reddy
Controlled Series Compensator (CSC), Eight Bus System, Flexiable ac transmission system (FACTS), Interphase power controller, Static phase shifting transformer, TC-IPC, UPFC
Environmental, regulatory and economic constraints have restricted the growth of electric power transmission facilities, and the topologies to enlarge the levels of power transmission and enhance stability through existing transmission lines have become greatly needed. Many approaches have been proposed for solving the stability problems found in power system operations. Considering the diversity of both, the solutions and the problems, it is often difficult to identify the most suitable solution. The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the capability of Inter Phase Power Flow (IPC) Controller as a mean for stability improvement in power systems. In this paper 8 bus system is used as a test bed, the results are shown with and without TC-IPC. The results indicate the robustness of this Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controller to the variation of system operating conditions.
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