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Design and Development of Fault Tolerent Control system for an Infant Incubator
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Suswetha Parisineti, Eswaran.P
Sensor fault tolerant control, real time based, microcontroller, FTCS.
This paper proposes the design and implementation of real time monitoring of an infant incubator, based on sensor fault tolerant control system, using a PIC microcontroller. Temperature and humidity are two parameters considered for the design infant incubator. The purpose of a Fault tolerant control systems (FTCS) scheme is to ensure that faults do not result in malfunctioning and system failure and to achieve the of best performance even with minimum number of sensors working. Fault tolerant control systems (FTCS) have ability to detect sensor fault automatically and to isolate faulty sensor which leads to system failure. The fault detection and the isolation (FDI) problem is an inherently complex one and for this reason the immediate goals are to preserve the stability of the process and, if is possible, to control and continue the process in a slightly degraded manner. The role of the FDI algorithms is that the control equipment must automatically isolate the faulted area, to adopt the correct attitude, to generate, to choose and to validate the correct decision. Prototype of infant incubator using FTCS was implemented by using redundant sensor with Build in self test (BIST) facility.
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