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Tidal Power: An Effective Method of Generating Power
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Shaikh Md. Rubayiat Tousif, Shaiyek Md. Buland Taslim
dynamic tidal power, tidal power, tidal barrage, tidal steam generator
This article is about tidal power. It describes tidal power and the various methods of utilizing tidal power to generate electricity. It briefly discusses each method and provides details of calculating tidal power generation and energy most effectively. The paper also focuses on the potential this method of generating electricity has and why this could be a common way of producing electricity in the near future.
[1] Ocean Energy: Tide and Tidal Power by Roger H. Charlier

[2] Ocean Wave Energy: Current Status and Future Prespectives (Green Energy and Technology) by Joao Cruz

[3] Ocean Wave Energy Conversion by Michael E. McCormick

[4] The Analysis of Tidal Stream Power by Jack Hardisty

[5] Developments in Tidal Energy: Proceedings of the Third Conference on Tidal Power, Institution Of Civil Engineers (Contributor)

[6] Ocean, Tidal, and Wave Energy: Power from the Sea (Energy Revolution) by Lynne Peppas

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