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Security Challenges & Preventions in Wireless Communications
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Kashif Laeeq
Attack, Denial of service, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Security issues, Vulnerabilities, Wireless Communication, WSN
Without the need of an infrastructure, low-cost, auto-managed, flexible and low power consumer, wireless communication is becoming emerging technology. It shows great binder for present as well as future hi-tech applications. Increasing reliance on wireless communication also brings great challenges to the security measures and other correlated issues. Although the newly introduced corrected security standard, IEEE 802.11i, offers extensive security for the wireless environment but it is still premature and does not provide effective measures to protect the wireless networks from confidentiality and integrity threats. The main issues for deployment of wireless networks are security attacks, vulnerabilities, battery power and improper security models. This paper provides a study on these problems especially in ad-hoc wireless networks. The study is based on numerous proposed schemes in the endeavor to secure such networks. The goal of this paper is to probe the principal security issues, challenges and fundamental security require-ments of wireless communications on the bases of their proposed solutions.
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