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Reactive Power Management For Wind Electric Generator
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Er. V. Karunakaran, Er. R. Karthikeyan
Asynchronous Generator, DFIG (Doubly Fed Induction Generator), Direct Torque Control Method, Generator Side Converter, Grid Side Converter, Two Axis Current Vector Control Method, Reactive Power Control, Synchronous Gen er at or .
The solution to the Global Warming lies in the development of the Green cover or Forest cover to absorb the excess Carbondioxide (CO2,), together with the harnessing Renewable Sources of Energy in lieu of Fossil fuel so as to arrest the Pollution level from further increasing. Wind Energy is a promising source of the Renewable Energy, due to nonpolluting and economically viable. Energy in the wind is converted into rotary Mechanical Energy by the wind turbine. Most of the WEGs are with Induction Motor, (Asynchronous Motor) with constant speed and drawing more Reactive Power from the Grid, during starting / low wind period.
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