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A Study and Application on Cross-Disciplinary Proficiency Learning of Artificial Intelligence
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Prof.Pavan .G.P, Dr.G.Lavanya Devi, Dr.P.Srinivasa Rao
Cross Disciplinary Proficiency(CDP) learning , AI , System structure , learning strategy , algorithm .
This paper broadly elaborated the concept, significance and main strategy of cross disciplinary proficiency learning as well as the basic structure of cross disciplinary proficiency learning system. By combining several basic ideas of main strategies, great effort are laid on introducing several cross disciplinary proficiency learning methods, such as Memorizing a type of learning, Reason-based learning, Learning from instruction, Learning by deduction, Learning by analogy and Inductive learning, Learning by Experts etc. Meanwhile, comparison and analysis are made upon their respective advantages and limitations. At the end of the article, it proposes the research objective of cross-disciplinary proficiency learning and points out its development trend. Cross-disciplinary proficiency learning is a fundamental way that enable the computer to have the intelligence ; Its application which had been used mainly the method of induction and the synthesis rather than the deduction has already reached many fields of Artificial Intelligence area.
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