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Sorption Of Cr (Vi) & As(V) On Hdtma - Modified Zeolites
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Vandana Swarnkar, Nishi Agrawal, Radha Tomar
Sorption; Cr (VI); As (V); HexaDecylTriMethylAmmonium-Bromide (HDTMAB)
Sorption of Cr(VI) & As(V) on HDTMA modified zeolites were investigated by batch technique, X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared analysis, Energy dispersive spectroscopy and Scanning electron microscopy. HDTMA was exchanged with extra structural cations of zeolite up to the external cation exhange capacity. The HDTMA modified surface was stable when exposed to extremes in pH, ionic strength and to oxoanions. The HDTMA modified zeolites showed significant sorption for chromate and arsenate ions in aqueous solution. Sorption data for each anion was well described by Freundlich isotherm equation. Increase in Cr(VI) & As(V) sorption on to modified surface occurred in neutral solution (pH7) and the amount of sorbed Cr(VI) & As(V) described rapidly with increasing pH since (OH-) concentration competes against Cr(VI) & As(V) for the sorption sites, thus, inhibiting formation of Cr(VI)-SMZ & As(V)-SMZ complex. FTIR analysis showed that sorbed SMZ forms an ad-micelle surfactant surface coverage, which is responsible for Cr (VI) and As (V) sorption.
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