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A QoS Based Web Service Selection through Delegation
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G. Vadivelou, E. IIavarasan, R. Manoharan, P. Praveen
Delegation Web Service, load balancing, Quality of Services, response time, Service selection, Service oriented architecture, WSDM
Service selection is essential for fulfilling the requirements of service requestors. In the service oriented environment, Quality of Services (QoS) is one of the utmost concerns for consumers during service selection. Existing web service standards do not undertake the QoS issue efficiently and the load balancing is not performed to the maximum degree. In this paper we propose a new architecture called the Delegation Web Service (DWS) for selecting the web service more efficiently and with maximum load balancing. The load balancing is achieved by grouping the web services of similar type from the registry by the DWS for each consumer’s request and it is predestinated to each monitored web service. The monitoring of QoS parameters such as response time, efficiency, round trip time are done using the Web Service Distributed Management (WSDM) standard, since it has the better method and specifications.
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