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Optimization of Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
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Surendra bilouhan, Prof.Roopam Gupta
Wireless sensor networks, energy efficiency, scalability, CSMA, Sensor Sim , SIR, Low-power optimization , transmission strategy.
In this paper, we consider the problem of discovery of information in a densely deployed Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), where the initiator of search is unaware of the location of target information. We propose a protocol: Increasing Ray Search (IRS), an energy efficient and scalable search protocol. The priority of IRS is energy efficiency and sacrifices latency. The basic principle of this protocol is to route the search packet along a set of trajectories called rays that maximizes the likelihood of discovering the target information by consuming least amount of energy. The rays are organized such that if the search packet travels along all these rays, then the entire terrain area will be covered by its transmissions while minimizing the overlap of these transmissions. In this way, only a subset of total sensor nodes transmits the search packet to cover the entire terrain area while others listen. We believe that query resolution based on the principles of area coverage provides a new dimension for conquering the scale of WSN. We compare IRS with existing query resolution techniques for unknown target location such as Round Robin Search. We show by simulation that, performance improvement in total number of transmitted bytes, energy consumption, and latency with terrain size.
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