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Effects of Socio-Demographic Covariates on Blood Glucose Level of the Diabetic Patients: A Multiple Classification Analysis (MCA)
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Md. Behzad Noor, Dr. Mir Mohammad Azad, Dr. J.A.M. Shoquilur Rahman
Glucose Level of Diabetic Patients.
This study has been undertaken to determine the socio-demographic related covariates affecting blood glucose level of the diabetic patients as well as to identify the extent of influences of the variables by the implied factors on blood glucose level. Data have been collected from two diabetic diagnostic centers in Rajshahi City. The result implies that insulin intake, blood pressure, tablet intake and mental suppression of the diabetic patients have the intense influence on blood glucose level. The proportion of variance explained (adjusted) by the respective variables are = 0.422, 0.122 and 0.120 respectively. So, the diabetic patients are supposed to maintain their medication, control their blood pressure, become free from mental suppression, overall, giving up the sedentary life style. They should maintain a regulatory life to keep themselves away from having high blood glucose level.
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