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Adaptive Classification of Web Mining Methods and Challenges of Customer Relationship Management Domain
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Siavash Emtiyaz, MohammadReza Keyvanpour
CRM Challenges, Customer Relationship Management, Web Mining, Data Mining.
In recent years, World Wide Web has been extended from research society to the most dominant and general way for communication and broadcasting of information. Web mining is responsible to discover the hidden knowledge, rules and patterns from web. Customers always play a key role for the establishment or mean of crisis for any organization. Web mining is going to be involved in every organization for extracting extra information which is not visible for everyone. The most important application of web mining is in the domain of the e-commerce and economy that leads to the detection of most facts and effective factors in the customer relationship management and efficient services to the customers through the behavior and communicating with system. CRM uses data mining (one of the elements of CRM) techniques to interact with customers. It is also used for web mining in web domain.Our Analysis provides a roadmap to guide creation concerning the adaptive classification based on web/data mining methods to solve challenges of CRM. For this, we comparison and analyze the application of web mining process to solution challenges of CRM dimensions.
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