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USENET: Internetnews Software, Security - Needs and Goals
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Monika Saxena, Praneet Saurabh, Bhupendra Verma
Usenet, bulletin board, internet news software, newsgroups, internetnews architecture, usenet security
Usenet is a distributed bulletin board system, built as a logical network on top of other networks and connections. By design, messages resemble standard Internet electronic mail messages as defined in RFC822. The Usenet message format is described in RFC1036. This defines some additional headers. It also limits the values of some of the standard headers as well as giving some of them special semantics. Newsgroups are the classification system of Usenet. The required Newsgroups header specifies where a message, or article, should be filed upon reception. In addition to InterNetNews, there are two major Usenet packages available for UNIX sites. All three shares several common implementation details. USENET at first was built with effectively no security. There was limited auditing even to detect abuse, let alone prevent it. Over time abusers came, and this meant in many cases that "privileged" functions had to be in some places either shut down or "put on manual" at great administrative cost to admins. In some cases, actual security using digital signature was applied, for newgroup messages (pgpverify), moderated groups (pgpmoose) and NoCem. PGP was commonly used because it is a widely distributed standalone program capable of doing digital signature.
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