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A study to enhance human-resource performance efficiency for minimizing cost in software development projects
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Amrinder Kaur, Kamaljeet Singh
human resource efficiency, software development phases, requirement phase, designing phase, coding phase, testing verification phase.
Human resources in software development projects require a high level of individual intensity devoted to project tasks, which then is integrated collaboratively to complete the project. Human resources technical skills and implementation experience are key factors for project success and therefore must be allocated and managed judiciously. Despite of the efforts of organizations, problems related to cost escalation have been encountered regularly .Human resource efficiency and productivity shall be key for future success and sustainability of the businesses. Through this paper, the causes have been outlined in a study conducted on software development projects. The reasons outlined affect efficiency and productivity of employees in software development projects across various phases in software development viz. requirement, designing, coding/testing, implementation phase. And it is been devised that job satisfaction enhances when the job is more exploratory in nature.
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