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Teacher's awareness about the availability and use of technology for Visually Impaired : A study
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Prof. Madhuri Isave, Dr. Megha Uplane, Prof. Suresh Isave
Technology, Visually impaired, Teacher awareness
This study focuses on, what is the use of technology for VI? What different types of technology available for VI? And how it's useful as a learning resource for VI?People with VI are gaining access to technology and assistive device designed to minimize the effect of their disabilities. Technological advances open up a new world for people with severe visual impairment. These advances give there greater participation and independence in all aspect of modern society. We have noted the technology affects many aspect of life for person with VI. This system is using different mean of input that is visual, auditory and tactile. These devices improve independent learning opportunity and enhanced participation in recreational and leisure time activities.
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