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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 5,May 2012
The Translation of Neologisms: Challenges for the Creation of New Terms in Indonesian Using a Corpus-based Approach 
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.829-841  
Dr. Karnedi, M.A
economics text, neologism, language planning, parallel corpus, translation
This paper aims to discuss neologisms in Indonesian as a result of translation. The main objective is to identify the creation of new lexical units through professional translation activities, particularly the translation of neologisms in economics texts from English into Indonesian. As far as the methodology is concerned, a parallel corpus has been designed as a study corpus which consists of some English texts as the source text and their translation in Indonesian as the target text (TT). For this purpose, a number of translated economics textbooks have been randomly chosen. They represent economics texs as a genre. The data is processed by utilizing WordSmith Tools version 5.0, a computer program that has been widely used in Corpus Linguistics research. A list of keywords involving the British National Corpus as a referent corpus is provided for the elicitation of neologisms in the ST. A comparative analysis involving their equivalents in Indonesian is then undertaken. Research findings show that new forms comprising collocations and acronyms (apart from eponyms, new coinages, derived words and phrasal words) are those dominant types of neologisms adapted from the source language (SL) through translating economics texts. Within the context of language planning in Indonesia, particularly corpus planning, the creation of Indonesian-oriented new terms in economics by professional translators seems to be a dynamic and sustainable process that could enrich the Glossary of English-Indonesian Technical Terms (GOEITT), called Glosarium Istilah Asing-Indonesia, produced by the National Language Development Agency (Badan Bahasa), as an effort to modernize Indonesian through translating neologisms in economics texts
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