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Experimental cost reduction in Modern Manufacturing Industries through Software based Mechatronics System: An overview
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Ramamoorthy.C, Dr. V. Selladurai and Dr. Rajesh Ranganathan
Minimum Economic crisis, software based mechatronics system, experimental cost reduction, Internal cost reduction, efficiency improvement, economic growth.
Nowadays, the changing demand patters by the customers are increasing the pressure on the manufacturers. In this situation, manufacturers to sustain in the market are forced to do the activities like (i) Increase the selling price of their product and (ii) Reduce their internal costs of their product. In this scenario, it is not possible to increase the selling price of the products. The only way is to reduce their internal costs and improve the quality of the products to survive in their field. This paper suggests a methodology to develop and implement software based mechatronics systems in their factory premises for taking necessary steps to reduce the experimental cost, internal cost and improve the efficiency of the organization. The software based mechatronics approach is used to predict and analyze the relevant data pertaining to the selected problems. The usefulness of this approach is not only applicable for pump manufacturing industries but also various industrial segments, which would enable to cater the current and future customer demanding needs.
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