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Optimizing Performance of Token Ring for Bal-anced and Unbalanced Load Using OPNET
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Pankaj Rakheja, Dilpreet Kaur
CSMA, Hub, Mac, Token Ring, topology, OPNET.
Token Ring is a local area network which resides in the Data Link Layer (DLL) of the OSI model. Stations on a token ring LAN are logically organized in a ring topology with data being transmitted sequentially from one ring station to the next with a control token circulating around the ring controlling access. Each station passes or repeats the special token frame around the ring to its nearest downstream neighbour. This token-passing process is used to arbitrate access to the shared ring media. Stations that have data frames to transmit must first acquire the token before they can transmit them. It can transmit the packet for fixed duration decided by token holding time. Here we have analyzed its performance for a given number of nodes for balanced and unbalanced traffic flow and varied the size of packet to find out the optimum packet size for both balanced and unbalanced traffic flow. We have used OPNET for simulation.
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