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Economic Water Rate And Optimum Performance Of Two Stage Azeotropic Refrigerating System
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Prof. D.V. Mahindru, Priyanka Mahendru
Azeotropes, multistage refrigerating, compressors, water cooled condenser
With a view to conserve energy, the use of azeotropes in a multistage refrigerating system is quite timely. Depending upon the requirement, such a system incorporates conventionally either a water cooled or air cooled condenser. The total operating cost of a refrigerating system with a water cooled condenser comprises the cost of water and the cost of electricity needed to drive the compressor(s). There is enough potential for research in finding out the ways to achieve maximum coefficient of performance and the least operating cost simultaneously for multi-stage azeotropic system. However, to avoid overloading of sewage facilities and to comply with municipal codes for the use of water, the water flow rate required in refrigerating system should be minimized.In the present investigation, economic water rates for two stage refrigerating systems, operating on most commonly used azeotropes R-500 and R-502, have been searched out over a wide range of operating limits. Such economic rates, if followed, would produce maximum COP and consume minimum power. The effects of controlling variables, e.g. approach, cost ratio etc have also been studied on the heat transfer to condenser, optimum condensing temperature and economic water rate.
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