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Hydrodynamic Free Convection Flow Of A Rotating Visco-elastic Fluid Past An Isothermal Vertical Porous Plate With Mass Transfer
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S. Biswal, G.S. Ray, A. Mishra
Hydrodynamic flow, mass transfer, rotating fluid, porous medium, isothermal plate.
The effect of free convection and mass transfer in the unsteady flow of an incompressible electrically conducting visco-elastic past an isothermal vertical porous plate with constant suction normal to the plate has been studied. The effects of permeability parameter (Kp) of the porous medium, rotation parameter (R), Grashof number for heat transfer (Gr), Grashof number for mass transfer (Gm), frequency parameter () and the heat source parameter (0) on the transient primary and secondary velocity field, temperature field and the rate of heat transfer have been investigated with the help of graphs and tables.
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