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Power Infrastructure Monitoring System on Embedded Web
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Ajay K. Kakde, Ajay P. Thakare
PIMS, PIMS Agent, NOC, Data Server, Embedded Web, GPRS, socket server.
PIMS NOC system is located centrally at the tower infrastructure service provider premises to monitor the various RMSs. The PIMS NOC is designed for modularity and scalability and comprises of a Communication Server, a Data Server and various User Terminals. Each Communication Server is connected to the GPRS/CDMA network service provider via a leased line. The bandwidth requirements of the leased line would be based on the total number of PIMS agents being monitored. PMS are received and processed by the Communication Server. The processed data is then passed onto the Data Server which primarily manages the tasks of storage and management of the PMS data. Various filtering options are provided to 'slice the data' as per required views. The filtered data serves as input for report generation. Various types of reports can be generated based on user requirements.
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