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A New Old Concept for Bussines Progress: Physical Capital Maintenance
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Ionel Jianu, Iulia Jianu, Liviu Geambasu
physical capital maintenance, technological upgrade, change management, change in organizational behavior
This study aims at promoting the physical capital maintenance concept, as a solution for the development of economic entities, by demonstrating the reliability of this concept in obtaining performance at the level of economic entity due to the technological upgrade. Physical capital maintenance is a relatively new concept in the accounting theory and practice. Very fast, convenient and handy indeed, we associate production capacity with technology, devices, networks, with the staff and its knowledge, and it seems that we are not far away from the truth. Physical capital maintenance requires the recognition of the profit only if the entity was able to maintain its current activity level which is measured by production capacity. This article aims to highlight the results that the practical application of the concept of physical capital maintenance strictly related to the technological aspect has in the organizational behavior changing. In this sense, the empirical research will demonstrate the changes in the current forms of business management through the use of the physical capital maintenance concept.
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