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Oracle Real Application Clusters
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Deepali Kadam, Nandan Bhalwarkar, Rahul Neware, Rajesh Sapkale, Raunika Lamge
Oracle, real application, clusters, rac architecture, clusterware, loadbalancing, server
This paper shows automatic failover and load balancing for Oracle real Application Clusters. rac enables you to use clustered hardware by running multiple instances against the same database. The database files are stored on disks that are either physically or logically connected to each node, so that every active instance can read from or write to them. Oracle Real Application Clusters manages data access, so that changes are coordinated between the instances and each instance sees a consistent image of the database. The Cluster Interconnect enables instances to pass coordination information and data images between each other.The architecture enables users and application to benefit from the processing power of multiple machines. Oracle RAC architecture also achieves redundancy in the case of, for example, a system crashing or becoming unavailable; the application can still access the database on any surviving instances.
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