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Selecting of Slotted AFPM Motors with High Torque Density for Electric Vehicles
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S.Asghar Gholamian, M. Ardebili, K. Abbaszadeh, Seyed Akbar Gholamian
Axial flux PM motors (AFPM), torque density, electrical loading and Finite Element method (FEM).
Double-sided axial flux PM motors (AFPM) are the most promising and widely used types. There are two topologies for slotted double-sided AFPM motors. Selecting an AFPM motors with high torque density is an important parameter in applications. So, comparison of torque density between different topologies of double-sided AFPM motors seems to be necessary. In this paper, the sizing equations of axial flux slotted one-stator-two-rotor (TORUS) and two-stator-one-rotor (AFIR) type PM motors is presented and comparison of the TORUS and AFIR topologies in terms of torque density is illustrated. Field analysis of both Topologies of slotted motors is investigated using Finite Element method (FEM) software. Finally a high torque double-sided slotted AFPM motor is introduced in the paper.
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